Silly Stuff

"Ruud (Van Nistelrooy) is the best player in Europe at pulling off a defender and scoring..." - Alex Ferguson. Radio Five Live used this quote on their sports news slot 6/4/2006.


I saw this sign on a building site in Gorsty Knoll (Forest of Dean). It's bizarre in so many ways, not least of all the fact that someone can have a sign made up with simple spelling mistakes. 29/05/2006

There used to be a butchers in Wokingham High Street with a huge sign in the window which read "Pleased to Meat you; Meet to please you" which made me chuckle every time I passed it.


I watched this film recently and was stunned by how ridiculous it was. The plot outline is that Harrison's family are held hostage forcing him (bank security guy) to help the bad guys aquire bank details so they can transfer monies to their account.

The best bit had to be when he wired the scanning device from a fax machine to an iPod (very up-to-date), then taped the scanner to a "server screen". He then proceeds to call up a colleage to ask them to run "the maintainance program". Account details start scrolling up his screen (very slowly). After a minute all is done and somehow he OCRs the images and "runs them through the merge program on the CD" which transfer monies, counting the amount in a spinning digit / Hollywood sort of a way. And that's it, it's as easy as that.

The whole film follows this rich vein of comedy. If it had been made as a spoof it would have been funny. I hate films like this, they're lazy and pointless. A thriller is only thrilling if it's believeable - something you would have thought HF would have figured out by now.

In the barbers a couple of weeks ago a Brummie was loudly impressing everyone with his knowledge of music. He could recognise Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush on the radio, for instance. I read my paper and tried to ignore it, but I had to fight not to laugh out loud when an older gentleman, who was humouring him, but was deadly serious when he said "You know a lot about music. You should be on Question of Sport". Not one person batted an eyelid at this statement. (February 2007)  

After getting a new set of tyre on the car I checked to see I'd still got my locking wheel nut wrench socket. I couldn't find it anywhere, so went back in to Ebley's to ask where it was. "There was a sunglasses case in your glove box. I thought that's where it belonged" came the reply. Duh! (March 2007)