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Geocaching is a treasure hunt with a GPS.You find a log book in a sealed container hidden by other geocachers, while trigpointing consists of visiting Ordnance Survey pillars which are often located at hill summits. In both cases the real treasure is the discovery of beautiful countryside, near to you, or far away. It's just good, clean, harmless fun with plenty of exercise and we love it!


Just who are SidAndBob?

SidAndBob is a team name I picked for our Geocaching account. Sid was our Golden Retriever (now passed on) and Bob is our Border Collie cross. The team also consists of Will (my 14 year old son) and me, Pete. My wife contributes occasionally, though in the true tradition of Geocaching spouses, she is not really a Geocacher, but doesn't mind the odd one here and there.
We joined in March 2006 and did our first cache, rather aptly, on 1st April. We love walking, so nearly always make a route of 10-15 miles even if we are only doing one cache which is close to where we started. We also love hills. Finding the box can be a great part of the day out. While some think a camouflaged micro in a pine forest or on a roadside is great, it's our idea of hell. We often just walk on by. The whole point for us is to enjoy the walk and views. If we can find somewhere interesting as well, then that's what it's all about for us. Geocaching adds interest to a route. You might learn something about a location that you never knew, or of course be taken somewhere you may never have otherwise discovered. Of course you need to chose the caches that suit your interest. For us, roadside caches rarely hold any interest. There are no actual prizes in Geocaching apart from great locations and memories.


Nov 2012. This has been our Geocaching Diary page since early 2006 and while we love the outdoors more than ever, we have reduced the number of caches we seek, as the trend seems to be for quantity and tiny caches, rather than quality locations and interest. I have decided to restructure this page in anticipation of a long overdue website overhaul. The diary was initially for our own benefit. A record that Will and I could look back on and say, "Do you remember the day we...?" and it serves us well for that. I now intend to use this page for articles and comment on GPS past times. The link to Our Blog Archive will always be up in the top right corner for anyone who may be interested.